rather than a person who hurts others
become the person getting hurt
rather than a person who hurts others
become the person getting hurt

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"Ken Kaneki is alive. I repeat, Kaneki is alive."

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Personality Meme

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Rules: If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here

Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them!

my personality type is INTP, charaters:

uh… why hanamiya makoto lol, seems like i’m the kind of mastermind and the nerd plus the creepy one lol *stares at makishima, CC, armin, joker, L etc*

tagging akinojou tearsnrainbow pucchan17 meiponpon and welcometothe666 lol

Why need raincoat when I have swimsuit …

Why need raincoat when I have swimsuit …

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Akimoto Sayaka was in Taiwan to promote her new movie, a total of about 200 fans were present at the fan-meeting session!!

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Couple Kitchen

Cuteness overload this show Σ>―(*・д・*)→ キュン

Personally I think the talk was kinda boring, and the cooking was just there for being sake, you can’t really learn anything from it.

But Yu-kun and Sa-ya made a really cute couple. Their acting and interacting with each other were even better than my expectation. Sa-ya is in her 150% girly mode and Yu-kun is unexpectedly witty and funny (≧∪≦)ゞ❤

I thought it would be much better if the show just center about their daily life instead of taking format of a cooking show though.

ps: Chiba sure looks small when he’s alone or with other guys but he’s actually taller than Sayaka I’m quite shocked (; ・`д・´)

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Take a moment out of your lives to know the difference between:

Akimoto Sayaka


Yamamoto Sayaka

This. Seriously.